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Bisso & Sons Pty Ltd are the importers and wholesale distributors for Santa Maria spices in Australia.

Santa Maria operates out of Mölndal, Sweden with production facilities in Sweden, Estonia & UK. Their products are sold in over 25 countries, with a commitment to making appearance, packaging and service be on top to meet customers’ and consumers ‘needs. They analyse and test smell, taste, appearance and texture. All products are carefully monitored and tested before leaving factories.

Their “Caring for the Environment” initiative consists of:

  • Clean production and transports: minimise the environmental impacts from their activities in factories, warehouses and offices, as well as from transports
  • Environmentally responsible sourcing: securing that the materials used are produced in an environmentally sound way
  • Environmentally sound products and concepts: improving the environmental performance of products and concepts, and supporting consumers with environmentally sustainable choices in their kitchens.

In Australia, the product is currently stocked in several stores in Melbourne and NSW (including Bush’s Fresh Meats, with over 10 stores state wide), as well as on-line store in QLD (Gold Coast). Customers also consists of a range of restaurants & reception centres Australia wide.

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