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BBQ & Grill Mesquite

You can’t beat a good barbecue and the latest addition from the Extra Fine Selection is the BBQ & Grill Mesquite grinder, inspired by Texan ranch cooking.  Renowned for being one of the best woods for smoking and grilling meats, the mesquite tree is native to the South Western United States.

Adding a shake of the BBQ & Grill Mesquite to your barbecue or grill helps achieve the flame-cooked flavours of America’s Deep South, in one easy step.

BBQ & Grill Mesquite is a fine blend of specially selected ingredients including: mesquite-smoked chipotle chilli, warming Californian garlic, Mediterranean sea salt and tangy red and green bell peppers for a distinctive fusion of flavours.

The handy grinder will help bring out an innovative and special flavour to your meat. The mesquite-smoked chipotle also offers a smoky dimension to everyday favourites such as toasties, eggs and roasted nuts; simply twist the grinder for that delicious smoky taste.


Mediterranean salt (31%), black and white pepper, garlic, red and green bell pepper, onion, MUSTARD seed, chipotle chilli (7%), Mesquite smoked maltodextrin (0,1%).

Store in a cool and dry place.

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